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Paper for painting, drawing, sketching and printmaking in watercolour, gouache, acrylic, ink, pencil and charcoal.
  • A1+, A2, A3, A4, A5
  • Loose sheets 280 gsm: 70% cotton, 700x1000 mm, both sides are sized and either side can be used, one side surface texture - cold pressed, reverse side surface texture - hot pressed
  • Pads, blocks and folders 200 gsm: either 50% cotton  or 100% high quality wood pulp


Album "Cyprus"

A3, 10 sheets + 10 tracing papers, 50% cotton, 200gsm

Two papers in one album. Both tracing paper and watercolour paper are of the same size 30 x 42 cm.

The tracing paper sheet can also be used as a liner. Thick cardboard backing to support your painting collection.

BLOCKS     100% high quality pulp

Gummed block  "White Nights"

130 x190 mm    eggshell   20 sheets   200 gsm

Extra white smooth paper. This size is ideal for card making.

Gummed block "White Nights"

A4   210x300 mm   20 sheets    200 gsm

Extra white cold pressed paper.
Gummed block  "White Nights"

A3   300х400 mm   egg shell   20 sheets    200 gsm

Extra white  paper with a smooth eggshell texture.

FOLDERS      50% cotton

Pad  "Japanese Girl"

130x188 mm, 20 sheets, 50% cotton, 200 gsm


Folder "Nastya"

A4, 10 sheets, 50% cotton, 200gsm

10 loose sheets  21x30 cm

Folder "Lady with a mountain ash"

A3, 10 sheets, 50% cotton, 200 gsm

10 loose sheets    30x42 cm
Folder "Nastya"

A2, 10 sheets, 50% cotton, 200gsm

10 loose sheets    42x60 cm

LOOSE SHEETS     70% cotton

 70 % cotton, 700x1000 mm, 280 g/m2