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MasterClass Artists' Gouache colour set  16 x 20 ml jars, cardboard box; Code 1741092

These high quality gouaches are made of finely ground pigments with an addition of Gum Arabic as a binder. As opaque water-based paints with high covering capacity and matt, velvety appearance they are perfect for designer projects to accurately reproduce printing process appearance.

Best results are achieved by using them on paper, cardboard and primed canvas. Can be used on wood too.

Painting, airbrushing, calligraphy, stamping, abstract works, designer projects, etc.

Paintings and painting projects are needed to be protected from water as gouaches aren't water resistant.


MasterClass decorative gouache metallic colour set  6 x 20 ml jars, cardboard box; Code 1741089

Very rich gold, silver, bronze and copper colours.

They can be used in conjunction with MasterClass Artists' Gouaches or  White Nights Artists' Watercolours for a mix media projects.

They are are perfect for decoration of hand-made cards, creating jewelry designs on paper, shiny backgrounds or  just for adding a glitter and enigma to abstract paintings.