Brands and Suppliers


- Manufactured since 1900 -
The supreme quality 'White Nights'  Artists' watercolours from St.Petersburg are paints made by an Artists Paints Plant 'Nevskaya Palitra' (Neva River Palette) according to the tradition of old masters and with a help of modern technologies. 'White Nights' professional  watercolours are carefully manufactured from finely ground pigments and binders such as Gum Arabic known as the best natural adhesive for watercolours.

'White Nights' is also the name of an amazing phenomenon of nature when night is as bright as day. It can be observed in St.Petersburg in the beginning of summer.


- Manufactured since 1900 -

'Master Class' paints from St.Petersburg by APP 'Nevskaya Palitra' (Neva Riva Palette) are the finest artistic oil paints of the highest quality for demanding professionals and amateurs.

'Master Class' artists oil paints are made of the highest quality pigments and binding agents based on specially treated linseed oil with an addition of natural resins (dammar and mastic) that have positive effect on visual qualities of paints.

Most paints consist of only one pigment which creates an individual color of superb intensity and purity and produces clean and bright colour mixes.

The MC's complete palette of 64 paints contains of widest choice of traditional artists' colors such as natural Earth colours, Cadmiums and Cobalts and represents the perfect balance of transparent, semi- transparent and opaque colours, warm and cool colours.

Master Class Artists' oils are famous for their pure colours and high lightfastness. These highly pigmented paints don't change their original hues after drying and are used to carry out restoration works of museum quality paintings from famous Russian galleries and museums.

...On 15 June, 1985 Rembrandt's painting Danae was attacked by a maniac who poured sulfuric acid on the canvas and cut it twice with a knife. The entire central part of the composition was turned into a mixture of brown raised spots with a mass of splashes, vertical incrustations and areas of lost paint. The process of restoration began the very same day... Read more...

Rembrandt used a limited palette of colors dominated by dark earth tones and golden highlights. The golden light on the Danae painting was recreated by a team of professional restorers with a Master Class' Naples Yellow paint specially developed in cooperation with the State Hermitage Museum, St.Petersburg and  added to the MC's palette of oil colours. The famous Danae was not 'repainted'. The restorers fixed all that remained from the original paints and then the damaged areas were retouched in order to restore the impression of an aesthetically complete picture. It took them 12 long years of hard work to accomplish that task.


- Manufactured since 1900 -
'Ladoga' artistic paints from St.Petersburg by APP 'Nevskaya Palitra' (Neva Riva Palette) are perfect for those who are beginning to learn the art of painting as well as for artists looking for high quality paints at affordable prices.

Lightfast organic pigments are used in the Ladoga paint series instead of expensive Cadmium- and Cobalt-based inorganic pigments. The hue of an analogous pigment (marked 'A' on the label) corresponds precisely to the hue of the original colour. Earthy  colours  (Ochers, Siennas and Umbers) consist of natural pigments that provide intensity and deepness of hue unavailable when using synthetic pigments.

Manufacturing technologies and monitoring at all stages is the same and as strict as for the Master Class Artists' series.


- Manufactured since 1900 -
Sonnet is a brand name for a number of art products produced by the St.Petersburg's by APP 'Nevskaya Palitra' (Neva Riva Palette) such as high quality brushes, watercolours (Student Traditional and Artists' Metallic) and some others. 


- Fine Art  Brushes -

Roubloff is one of the best brands of high quality art brushes. Kolinsky, squirrel, synthetics and bristle brushes are made in Russia from local (squirrel and kolinsky) and overseas (bristle and synthetic) raw materials. The manufacturer has been keeping traditions and developing  modern secrets of brushmaking  - the handcraft which originated in this particular region of Russia more than 150 years ago. Kolinsky brushes are the real diamonds of the Roubloff collection and the pride in quality craftsmanship.



- Fine Art  Brushes -

The 'Elite' Professional Series art brushes are well known outside Russia. Many artists in Europe, the US and Canada appreciate them because of their exceptional quality. The wide range of  'Elite' Series Kolinsky, squirrel, bristle and synthetic brushes are produced by the oldest art materials manufacturing plant in Russia. It has been making quality art brushes for demanding professionals since 1937.